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Pastor Brian's new 5-Day Devotional Starting on January 1st.

In these days of turmoil and global unrest, more than ever we need to know how to live with an overriding sense of peace and confidence in facing the future. But this doesn’t just happen because you’re a Christian. It comes from understanding how God has made you spirit, soul and body, and how they work together to connect you with God.
This 5-day devotional insightfully connects the keys to unlocking a life of peace and confidence in the face of fear and uncertainty. Each day unveils what it means to live from your spirit, how to hear from God, and how God’s Word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are integral to an unwavering faith and a soul that is at peace, come what may


Find out how you can get help or help others during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Во что мы верим



“Церковь Хиллсонг строится не на дарах и талантах одного, но на жертве и посвящении многих” 
Брайан Хьюстон, Старший пастор церкви Хиллсонг 


Брайан и Бобби Хьюстон

Брайан и Бобби Хьюстон

Старшие пасторы церкви Хиллсонг

Вадим и Анна Фещенко

Вадим и Анна Фещенко

Пасторы церкви Хиллсонг Москва

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