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City Hope

Local Initiatives

“The vision of our church is to serve New York City. And that’s never gonna change.”

The cost of living in one of the greatest cities in the world is the challenge of coming face to face with some of the greatest need. As a church determined to occupy all streets, we aren’t just here for the take, we are committed to the give. Through:


Rockaway Hope
Devastated by Hurricane Sandy and largely overlooked afterwards, the community in Far Rockaway was left in great need. And though the lights & cameras of the media left long ago, we never did.  On the ground every day since then, we are committed to seeing this community restored.

For more information on what’s happening and how you can get involved in The Rockaways follow @rockawayhope on Instagram or email[email protected]


Community Partnerships
Week in and week out, small armies of our own volunteers can be found serving in various capacities all across our city in partnership with strong and established New York City outreach programs such as The Father’s Heart.


Street Teams
Taking the concept of “Occupy all streets” literally, our Street Teams are committed to serving the neighborhoods in our city. Building relationships by volunteering to provide assistance in practical ways, our Street Teams are steadily extending the love of our God far beyond the walls of the church.


For more information on how you can help with our Community Partnerships and/or Street Teams email [email protected]