Bobbie Houston

Co-Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church

Stay the Path

A brand new book by Bobbie Houston

As grand and romantic as purpose and destiny are, they are not guaranteed with the blast of the starting gun, nor that first step of faith out into the unknown adventure of what lies ahead.

Everything under the sun has beginning and end, start and finish, and everything created by God is created with the intent of purpose, completion and fulfillment. Yet, it is what happens along that journey that is of paramount importance.

In this book, Bobbie lays out with simplicity and warmth some of the markers of wisdom and experience that have shaped her life as a woman in leadership alongside her husband Brian, and within the many layers of Hillsong Church. Her desire is that if her journey has taught her anything, it may also teach and add to your experience. Each and every day there are lessons to be learned and new applications of truth to be made in order that the bends and curves, and challenges and enemies of life are navigated with success.

Stay the Path is a prescriptive and practical guide to leadership that will speak wisdom and encouragement to your heart, journey and personal experience.


“If leadership is defined by the influence you have on another – then Bobbie Houston is at the top of her game. Her longevity and credibility as a leader is only surmounted by her passion and focus to see heaven come to earth through the extraordinary love of Christ in ordinary people. ‘Stay the Path’ will give you invaluable insight into her miraculous journey of godly leadership.”


“In a generation that has elevated fame over faithfulness and temporary accolade over eternal treasure, Stay The Path is a much needed wake up call. This book shakes us out of the doldrums of spiritual lethargy and snatches us from the brink of throwing in the towel. It reminds us that the virtues of honor, consistency, integrity and longevity are still valuable and necessary. Thank you for this book, Bobbie, and for illustrating its message with a life well lived.”


Founders of Saddleback Church

“With simplicity and relatable warmth, Bobbie shares some of the challenges and experiences that shaped her life as a woman in leadership at Hillsong Church. Stay the Path will tug at your heart strings and challenge you to create strongholds that will help you have unshakable faith in the face of adversity”.


Bible Teacher and Best-Selling Author

“This is a very powerful message, rooted in biblical principles, that every believer can benefit from, especially with the current issues and circumstances we are facing around the world today. I’m excited to see how God is using Bobbie Houston to help strengthen Christians in their faith.”

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