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About Young & Free

Hillsong Young & Free is the youth worship team at Hillsong Church. A team of young people, we represent the heart of a wider, global youth family filled with individuals who’ve found forgiveness, salvation, joy and hope in Jesus Christ. Our songs are the overflow of grateful hearts and express the life we’ve found in our Saviour. More than a label, Young & Free is also our message and mission, as we seek to point to others to the freedom they too can find in Jesus and encourage them to stand strong in their youth and live His love.

About ///

CHAPTER ONE: We Are Young & Free
The debut. The conception. The beginning. All the excitement and sense of adventure that comes with the introduction of the “new”. It was a time marked by enthusiasm, wonder, fun and naivety.

CHAPTER TWO: Youth Revival
Sophomore. A time filled with grand desires and big dreams. The passionate, fervent, ambitious “let’s change the world” hopes and prayers, with every intention of seeing a revival in young hearts set on fire across the earth. And, let’s be real, the journey unfolded with tough lessons, humbling moments, growing pains and heart-checks.

The third. Progression. Deepening. Growing up. A collection of tracks that are personal and real. Songs penned and recorded by individuals who have learned to plant their feet on the ground and yet lift their eyes to the heavens still. An album from a collective who is discovering new depths to the truth that their freedom is found in Jesus Christ alone.