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Australian Red Cross Lifeblood – donors needed

Nov 22 2021

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For the past 18 months we have encouraged the Hillsong community to roll up their sleeves and book appointments to support the great work of Australian Red Cross Lifeblood.

As lockdowns are lifting across many states in Australia, the demand for donations is at its highest in a decade.

We want to take the opportunity to thank all those who have made appointments at their local centres and encourage you to keep your appointments. If you haven’t – why not make an appointment today.

Read below a press release from the wonderful team at Lifeblood.

Donna Crouch




Australian Red Cross Lifeblood needs an extra 7000 people to donate blood over the next fortnight and is urging donors to keep their appointments as cancellations and no-shows rise.

As lockdowns lift in Victoria, New South Wales and ACT, elective surgeries recommence, and with experts concerned about a spike in road trauma, Lifeblood is asking people to make saving lives part of their new normal.

Executive Director of Donor Services, Cath Stone said half of all blood donation appointments were not being attended, while hospital demand was at its highest point in a decade.

“Our donors have shown us incredible support over the last two years, however as life moves to COVID-normal, it’s important that people continue to donate to help ensure hospitals can continue to treat patients. Those patients need the generosity of blood donors right now.

“There is no alternative for patients in need of blood and we’d like to remind donors, and anyone who has thought about becoming a donor, just how critical they are. They are literally saving lives,” she added.

In particular, Lifeblood’s reserves of O Negative blood are being challenged, with the number of O Negative donors falling during the pandemic despite increased hospital demand.

O Negative is the universal blood type and can be given to anyone in an emergency like those involved in road accidents, when there simply isn’t time to find out their blood type.

Ms Stone said: “Only nine per cent of Australians have O Negative blood, but it makes up 16 per cent of orders from hospitals because it saves lives in emergencies.

“We currently have 1,000 fewer active O Negative donors than we did over a year ago and we would particularly like to welcome those previous donors back to our donor centres.

“We have extended opening hours in our centres and have more appointments available for donors than ever before. If you are feeling well, not waiting on a COVID-19 test and haven’t been told to isolate please book a donation.

“With one in three of us needing donated blood or blood products in our lifetime, the life you save could be that of a friend or family member,” Ms Stone added.

— end media release


To book a donation:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Follow the prompts to Log in or Register

Step 3. Click on the ‘Teams’ icon to search for ‘Hillsong’ and join the team. If you are already a donor, log in to your profile and join the team

Step 4. Visit the FAQ page to check your eligibility

Step 5. Make an appointment at one of over 90 Lifeblood centres across Australia

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