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Our Response to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis

Apr 1 2022

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Anglais Américain. Pour le confort de l’utilisateur, le contenu est affiché ci-dessous dans une autre langue. Vous pouvez cliquer le lien pour changer de langue active.

Since Hillsong launched its Ukraine appeal 4 weeks ago across our churches globally, we have raised and distributed over $630,000 in supporting humanitarian aid within the region.

Please see below an update regarding the efforts made by our dedicated team and staff who are actively facilitating the project.

  • In the first few weeks, our church has distributed approximately 10 tons of humanitarian supplies and 2,000 mattresses from four warehouse locations within the Ukraine, from Odessa to Kyiv and Lviv.
  • We are now in the process of establishing continuous supplies, not just through Hillsong Ukraine’s facilities but also to Hillsong Ukraine’s network churches.
  • With the outbreak of the war, our church together with some of the staff from Hillsong Ukraine immediately created a hub in Warsaw to provide initial support for many families from our church in Ukraine that were forced to leave their country.

  • The team set up close communication to our other European locations to connect more people fleeing with a place they can call ‘home’ and be taken care of through our church and churches that we are in a relationship with.
  • Besides Budapest and Bucharest, Berlin and Warsaw saw the highest number of families seeking refuge and in Berlin, an opportunity emerged to utilise a guest house as accommodation with forty spaces allocated for families in the coming months.
  • Ten families from Hillsong Ukraine live there now, including mothers with their children. This opportunity not only offers accommodation but equally fellowship and connection.
  • The hub in Warsaw functions similarly and we are thankful for the huge support from our church community with registration processes, social benefits, basic supplies and school applications in both locations.
  • At the same time, our church in Ukraine has turned its facilities into centers to provide humanitarian supplies to their communities and beyond.
  • Every week up to 100 volunteers hand out food, hygiene products, or medical supplies with many geared up with ballistic vests and using their cars to deliver supplies to elderly or immobile people that are unable to leave their homes.
  • Hillsong Sweden is also assisting with a full project on the ground to house and serve refugees.

Thank you to our global Hillsong church for your generosity and giving in supporting these efforts through our Ukraine Appeal.