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Australian Red Cross Lifeblood in urgent need of donors due to escalating cold and flu season

Jun 1 2022

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For the past 2 years our Hillsong community have rolled up their sleeves and booked appointments to support the great work of Australian Red Cross Lifeblood. Now your support is needed more than ever before. Australian Red Cross Lifeblood urgently needs 17,500 people to donate blood over the next week, as an escalating cold and flu season hits supplies.



Executive Director, Cath Stone said Australia needs to act now to boost stocks of A, O and B blood groups, under pressure due to cancellations and no shows.

“We know people are sick with cold and flu. We know people’s children are unwell and keeping donors at home. And we know many people are still having to isolate due to COVID. We also know that these circumstances are causing large numbers of appointment cancellations and no-shows.

“We are pleading with anyone who is well and healthy to book a donation today and encourage your friends and family to do the same.”

She said Lifeblood continues to see up to half of all appointments cancelled.

“We have 15,500 blood donations booked in for the next week, but based on current cancellations and no-shows, we know a large number of these won’t result in a donation. And we still have thousands of appointments that need to be filled.

“There are patients in hospital right now who are relying on blood for cancer treatment, surgery, accidents and complicated births. If you don’t know your blood type, donating is a great way to find out. Every blood donation can help to save up to three lives,” Ms Stone said.

Right now, people with A, O and B blood groups can book a donation online, on the DonateBlood app or by calling 13 14 95.

— end media release

To book a donation:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Follow the prompts to Log in or Register

Step 3. Click on the ‘Teams’ icon to search for ‘Hillsong’ and join the team. If you are already a donor, log in to your profile and join the team

Step 4. Visit the FAQ page to check your eligibility

Step 5. Make an appointment at one of over 90 Lifeblood centres across Australia

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