As a church we have faith that our country can truly embody freedom for every individual. And yet, faith without works accomplishes nothing. So, in order to be a part of the solution, we will be hosting a race from NYC to DC to raise $100,000 for criminal justice reform. We have an incredible team of runners that have volunteered to go the distance and as a church we will be supporting them by sponsoring each runner. You also have the opportunity to join our run team remotely where ever you occupy your street! All proceeds will go to our partners Prison Fellowship, who are doing the diligent work of changing legislation and equipping those reentering society from the prison system.

As the scripture says, our church is running to win, not an earthly prize, but one that establishes heaven on earth.

Together in one accord, we have Faith for Freedom.


Join the the run team, remotely. By pledging $10 per mile and running with us that weekend where ever you occupy your street! When you donate and register you will receive an official bib with your run number. Wear your bib during your personal run and post a pic on IG to raise awareness for Social Justice Reform. Remember to #hsecfreedomrun.