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The Peace Project

Christmas is God's Ultimate Peace Project

Just as God sent Jesus to usher in Shalom, He invites us all to become agents of Peace. ‘The Peace Project’ Christmas album is comprised of fresh arrangements of five of the most beloved Christmas classics including ‘Hark’, ‘O Holy Night’ and ‘Joy to the World’ along with seven new, vibrant tracks such as ‘Prince of Heaven’, ‘Seasons’ & ‘Peace Upon The Earth’.

Our prayer is that even as we enjoy the festivities of the season, that our worship might be felt in some of the most chaotic and dark places on earth, honouring our Prince of Peace, Jesus.

Agents of Peace

Join us for a 10 week devotional inspired by The Peace Project






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Free Toolkits

Check out these free toolkits for ways to be an agent of peace.

Wage Peace With Us

Preemptive Love Coalition

Waging Peace in Syria & Iraq

THE SYRIAN CONFLICT AND ITS SPILLOVER INTO IRAQ IS THE DEADLIEST CONFLICT OF THE 21ST CENTURY THUS FAR. IT HAS CAUSED THE DISPLACEMENT OF OVER 11 MILLION PEOPLE AND RESULTED IN 13.5 MILLION PEOPLE IN NEED OF HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE. [UNOCHA] Preemptive Love Coalition are on the front lines of this conflict, providing essential relief – food, water, shelter, and medical care – for families. They are first in, last to leave. Preemptive Love Coalition comes alongside refugees through relationship-based programming, equipping them through training, support and small business grants so they can remake what was destroyed, rebuild their lives, and provide for their families long-term.

Hillsong Africa Foundation

Creating a New Legacy

AROUND HALF OF SOUTH AFRICA’S URBAN POPULATION LIVES IN TOWNSHIPS AND INFORMAL SETTLEMENTS, WHERE ONGOING CYCLES OF POVERTY ARE PROMOTED BY LACK OF ACCESS TO SKILLS DEVELOPMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT, SUBSTANCE AND ALCOHOL ABUSE, CRIME AND GANG ACTIVITY, LACK OF QUALITY EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT SYSTEMS AND INADEQUATE HOUSING AND ACCESS TO PUBLIC SERVICES. Hillsong Africa Foundation seeks to build the resilience and capacity of individuals and families in these marginalised communities. With a focus on identity, relationship, and leadership, programs are tailored in partnership with each community and include after school programs, an early childhood education course, personal development courses, sports programs, and literacy development in schools. Together we can support Hillsong Africa Foundation to build lives that build the nation.

Vision Rescue

Change Through Education

THERE ARE AN ESTIMATED 17.8 MILLION OUT-OF-SCHOOL CHILDREN IN INDIA AND AROUND 20% OF STUDENTS DO NOT MAKE THE TRANSITION FROM PRIMARY TO SECONDARY EDUCATION. [UNICEF] Engaging and sustaining children in education has the power to prevent exploitation and change generations. Vision Rescue have been working in India for 11 years and are currently transitioning towards a holistic case management approach in order to identify and respond to the root causes of children being disengaged from school. Working with families to identify the barriers to children accessing their right to education, empowering families to address those barriers and open up possibilities for children through formal education, has the potential to not only transform lives but generations. Vision Rescue’s vision is generational transformation and as a church community we are integral to seeing that vision come to life!

A21 Thailand

Chains Shall He Break

 [WHO] Thailand is a source, transit, and destination country for trafficking of children, women, and men. The A21 SAFE Repatriation Program in Thailand works with minors who have been trafficked to Thailand from neighbouring countries to ensure they are repatriated safely and connected to rehabilitation services back home. Trafficking survivors are supported to access legal support and comprehensive services according to their identified needs and reintegrated back into families and communities that will provide ongoing support.

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