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Courses are now available on campus in Phoenix, Arizona. Our vocational education provides a hands-on learning experience, combining a thriving classroom environment while giving you the opportunity to practically outwork what you’re learning. Our goal is to equip you with biblical foundations, practical ministry training and leadership development while being planted in Hillsong Church and a vibrant student community. Check out what you can study below!


What can I study?

Study for one, two, or three years at Hillsong College USA and focus your study by choosing our Pastoral Leadership or Worship Music stream.

Worship Music

View the units available in our Worship Music Stream

Pastoral Leadership

View the units available in our Pastoral Leadership Stream

NOW AVAILABLE: Dallas Baptist University Co-Enrollment Program

Achieve your educational goals and add to your Hillsong College experience through our new Co-Enrollment Program in partnership with Dallas Baptist University.

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The College will source local housing for you, sharing with other students. Or you can choose to find your own accommodation within the local area.

Living in Phoenix

Living in Phoenix

A growing and vibrant city, with plenty to do and a great climate. Plus Hillsong Church. You’ll love Phoenix.

College Life

College Life

Immersed in the life of Hillsong Church, you’ll be part of a dynamic student community – loving God, loving people and loving life.



Partner with Hillsong College USA to financially support our vision and students.

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