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Postgraduate Courses

Our Postgraduate Master of Arts program is a great next step if you have already completed a bachelor's degree - allowing you to begin or further your expertise in Biblical and Theological studies, while choosing an area of specialised research.

Available Courses

1.5 Yrs
Master of Arts

Biblical Electives

Theological Electives

Ministry Electives

Guided Research and Writing

Postgraduate | 084483C

Master of Arts

The Master of Arts (MA) integrates cutting-edge principles in theology, Biblical studies, leadership, and contextual studies with Biblical values, to equip professionals in thinking theologically within all contexts. Our course ensures that you will be equipped for Christian thought and action in today’s world.

Course Structure

Our Master of Arts consists of 12 subjects: 2 core subjects, 5 subjects in major area, 4 electives, and 1 independent guided research project. Students must complete at least 6 subjects (60 credit points) at 500 level or above.

*The subjects shown below are subject to change.

Biblical Studies Electives
  • Old Testament Foundations
  • New Testament Foundations
  • The Historical Books of the Old Testament
  • Isaiah
  • Esther
  • Biblical Theology
  • The World of the New Testament
  • Building Pauline Churches
  • New Testament Field Study
Theological Electives
  • Christian Worldview
  • Christology
  • Trinity and Creation
  • Spirit and Church
  • Christian Ethics
  • Theology and Film
  • Apologetics
  • The Church and Social Justice
Ministry Electives
  • Christian Spirituality
  • Preaching and Public Communication
Core Subjects
  • Christian Worldview
  • Postgraduate Research and Writing
  • Research Project

Fees & Requirements

FEE-HELP and Financial Assistance are available for domestic Australian students. Learn more about your eligibility for financial assistance, entry requirements and the tuition prices for our Masters of Arts course below.

Fees & Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • What are the entry requirements?

    – Be a committed Christian (for at least the last 12 months). – Have a strong sense of the call of God on their life.   – Be a regular and active member of a local church (for at least the last 12 months).   – Be at least 18 years of age by the time they start College.     – Be living a faithful Christian lifestyle consistent with our Student Code of Conduct.     – Have successfully completed high school, or have equivalent post-school life and work experience.     – Have access to sufficient financial resources to cover their fees, accommodation and living expenses.     – Have the physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual health and capacity required to successfully undertake the demands of ministry training.   – Be proficient in spoken and written English according to the minimum requirement of each course below.   – Agree to the Terms and Conditions of any Offer of Place, and to conduct themselves according to the requirements of the Student Handbook, including the Student Code of Conduct, up to and during the period of their enrolment. 

  • What are the academic requirements?

    For entry into our Master of Arts, completion of a AQF Level 7 Bachelors degree or completion of a AQF Level 8 or above postgraduate qualification  (a completed postgraduate certificate with a credit average overall) is required. This qualification can be in any field of study, and does not need to be within the fields of Theology or Ministry. 

  • What are the english requirements?

    IELTS Academic (or equivalent) score 7, with no score below 6.5 in any of the four skill areas.   

Study Options





Academic Calendar

Australian Campuses

2022 | Semester 2

Enrolment/Orientation: July 27th
Start of Semester: August 1st
End of Semester: November 25th
Graduation Ceremony: November 29th

2023 | Semester 1

Enrolment/Orientation: February 1-3rd
Start of Semester: February 9th
Break: April 24 – May 8th
End of Semester: May 26th

2023 | Semester 2

Enrolment/Orientation: July 26-28th
Start of Semester: July 31st
Break: October 23-29th
End of Semester: November 24th
Graduation Ceremony: November 27th

Online Campus

2022 | Semester 2

Enrolment and Orientation: August 19th
Start of Semester: August 22nd
End of Semester: November 28th

2023 | Semester 1

Enrolment and Orientation: February 1st-3rd
Start of Semester: February 6th
End of Semester: June 2nd

2023 | Semester 2

Enrolment and Orientation: July 26th-28th
Start of Semester: July 31st
End of Semester (Graduation): November 28th

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