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Why Hillsong College?



Graduates around the world making a difference in their local communities.

Years of world-class leadership
& ministry training



Nationalities represented across our student body and alumni community.

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Courses available and study options.



Your campus, course and semester.



With our team who are here to assist you.



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“I see a church with a world-class college that raises, equips, and empowers generations of young, anointed leaders from across the globe. Graduates who serve God in all walks of life, released to salt the earth with dynamic ministries and churches throughout the continents of the world.”The Church I Now See 


“Here at Hillsong College, our goal is to grow healthy leaders in all areas of life and ministry! We do that through engaging and serving one another and the greater Body of Christ. Jesus said, “I will build my church.” (Matt. 16:18) At Hillsong Church we are passionate about building the ONE thing Jesus said He would build, the Church. Our heart and prayer for our students is that they will experience the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, whilst allowing the Holy Spirit to work within, transforming them into His likeness.”


Lee Burns | Executive Vice President of Hillsong College

From Our Students

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the benefits of hiring Hillsong College graduates?

    Our alumni can be found influencing nations, churches, families and industries across the globe. Hillsong College intends to raise students to their fullest potential, equip them with cutting-edge skills and knowledge, empower them to outwork their studies and release them to lead lives of impact. The hands-on experience that is embedded in our curriculum prepares students for a life of ministry within the church or any career pathway they choose to pursue. Through practical training, students learn leadership, key decision making, team management, problem solving, communication, pastoral leadership and creative skills that have proven to be integral across several industries.

  • Are Hillsong College courses accredited?

    Our vocational courses are accredited by Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), the Australian Government agency charged with the quality and regulation of the vocational education and training sector in Australia. Our undergraduate and postgraduate courses are accredited through our partnership with Alphacrucis University College located in Sydney Australia.

  •  What is the student community like?

    Whether you are a student on-campus or online, our Hillsong College community is one of the most unique aspects of college life. Outside of Chapels, there will be many opportunities to meet and make friends with others going through similar walks of life and experiences, including international communities, discipleship groups and more.

  • How diverse is the student body?

    One of the greatest benefits of studying at Hillsong College is our international student body, helping students to form friendships and lasting connections across the globe. Together, our alumni represent more than 63 nations.

  • Are students able to work while studying?

    It is common for students to work while they study. Prioritising class time, church involvement, and assessments will be critical to create a healthy school and work balance. Depending on which campus you choose and where you are from, visas can impact the amount of hours you can work.

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