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Hillsong Conference 2024

Always be full of joy
in the Lord. I say it
again — rejoice!

Philippians 4:4 NLT

9-11th July 2024

Hillsong Convention Centre,

Sydney, Australia


30th Oct - 1 Nov 2024

ExCel London,

London, UK


Joy is the serious business of heaven.

C.S Lewis

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Hillsong Conference has always sought to gather and equip the body of Christ. Together we have witnessed the mighty move of God in our lives, sparking a catalyst of change for good in our families, churches, and wider communities. As we look towards the future and set our gaze into 2024, our vision remains unchanged.

Now, more than ever we need to pursue our Lord and Saviour. We need to take time to seek Him, draw near to Him and be in His presence – it is here we will find JOY. The esteemed author CS Lewis once said, “Joy is the serious business of heaven”. With that said, we extend to you an invitation to Hillsong Conference 2024, “Always-Joy”, we pray that this conference will continue to be a milestone in your life, journey, calling and experience.

We are committed to presenting a God-breathed conference that will bless and inspire you, no matter what area of Kingdom endeavour you (or your team) find yourself in. This gathering is an opportunity for your soul to be refreshed by the Holy Spirit, as we lift up the Name of Jesus together. The Word, worship, and a faith atmosphere have always been central to Hillsong Conference. You will also receive insights and practical tools to help you move forward and grow in your daily life. This may involve leadership in the Church or in the marketplace, deepening your personal faith journey, or making greater social impact in your community.

We are excited and expectant for next year and hope you and your family can join us for what we truly believe will be a unique and significant Hillsong Conference.

With love,
Phil & Lucinda Dooley

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Sugar crystal under the microscope
Phil and Lucinda Dooley
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Great Sandy Desert Western Australia

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Hillsong Global & Worship Team

Your Always-Joy emblems

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These individuals embody the essence and fullness of joy in their character and actions. They are like a living expression of joy, radiating happiness and positivity wherever they go.

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These individuals not only experience joy themselves but also actively share and spread it to others. They find joy in the act of bringing happiness to others, whether through acts of service, sharing inspiring stories, or simply being a positive presence in someone’s life.

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These individuals have a special gift for bringing joy to others. Whether through acts of kindness, spreading laughter, or creating joyful experiences, they have a natural ability to uplift and brighten the lives of those around them.

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These individuals actively pursue and cultivate joy in their lives. They are intentional about finding joy in everyday moments, practicing gratitude, and engaging in activities or hobbies that bring them happiness and fulfillment.