About Gabriel

Gabriel has been part of our church since his birth thirty odd years ago. Spending his entire life as part of Hillsong Church, he has a refreshing perspective on life, longevity, and leading people. Gabriel has been involved in just about every aspect of church life available – from kids and youth leadership, to Hillsong College, to working on the maintenance staff.

He really has seen it all. Having been part of the creative team for the better part of his life, Gabriel’s been involved in team building, structure, and discipleship, as well as the practical on platform disciplines that have contributed so much to Hillsong Worship over the years.

In his current role, Gabriel is the campus worship pastor for the Hills Campus in Sydney. He was previously the city campus worship pastor before being asked to pioneer the creative team at Hillsong NYC with Carl Lentz and Joel Houston. After more than two years in New York, Gabriel and his family returned to Sydney, where the adventure continues today.