Our heartbeat is to place value upon womanhood. Our mandate is to gather a company of women who recognise and believe in their potential. Our adventure is to make the world a better place. Our desire is to love God, be kind to His children and make Him famous throughout the entire earth.

Experience the incredible worship, key speakers and all the fun, light and shade and memorable moments from the Colour Conference Main Stage, on demand from the International Convention Centre Theatre in Sydney, Australia.

Be The Change

The Sisterhood has always been about championing everyday girls to BE THE CHANGE IN THEIR WORLD with a focus on vulnerable groups within society. It’s not about how much or how little resource you have. There are countless ways to bring positive change to our world. Simply doing one thing can make an immense difference to one person.

The following study guide is designed with you and your girlfriends in mind… to help you begin to dream and imagine what you can do as a group to make your world a better place.

“If one woman can change her world, imagine what a company of women can do.”

Sisterhood United

Check out our latest⚡️Sisterhood United ⚡️night from April 25th 2020 ?? !

Connect Groups

In this season of self-isolation, we have weekly and fortnightly Sisterhood groups that gather online to pray and be inspired around a study based on an episode from our SH Spheres podcast.

SH Sphères with Camille White Is a video podcast that exists to help every woman realise the influence she can have in every sphere of her life. Our prayer is that you would understand your worth and live out your potential, all the while flourishing and discovering how to excel in every season of your life.

A Reading Plan From Pastor Bobbie

Do you have a burning desire to do something significant with your life but don’t know where to begin? Do you see the overwhelming injustice and darkness in the earth and long to bring hope where hope has been lost? The goal of this reading plan is to reveal God’s heart-to-heart whisper for your life. If one woman can change her world, imagine what a company of women can do!


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