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Fundraising Update

We believe that art has the power to speak truth, shape culture and enrich lives. Our mission is to remove the social and economic barriers to first-class artistic education and provide an inclusive and nurturing environment where students can develop in craft, character and confidence. 

Since 2015 AMP has worked with over 600 young people and provided almost £85,000 of free training. 

Annually, we offer between 30-50 bursaries to students who otherwise would not be able to afford or access the type of programme AMP offers. 

While some AMP students have gone on to further training at the Brit School, Zoonation Youth Dance Company and Arts Ed, others have studied architecture, medicine or engineering at some of the UK’s top universities. We believe that the skills and confidence instilled via AMP serve to equip students to excel in any sphere. 

We want to create spaces for more young people to be empowered through opportunity.  

Our goal is to raise £35,000 to fund an expansion that would provide spaces for 100 young people to join our programme. This would cover equipment, launch, staffing and operations for phase one of an additional AMP location. 


How can I support AMP?

1) Make a one-off donation towards our fundraising campaign. 

2) Become a regular donor – £20 a month (£240/annum) covers a spot for a young person for a year.  




Our greatest measures of impact lie in the individual stories of lives that have been transformed, just a few of which are included below. We want all our students to have the dignity of a level playing field, so all names have been changed for our AMP Testimonials. 


‘I’m so grateful to AMP for pouring so much love and excellence into our kids’ artistry. We had such a warm welcome from everyone at AMP, and we are also grateful for an environment that’s conducive to building friendships. Until joining AMP, my daughter would never have performed in public and she was so nervous, but the team made her feel so at ease – she loved the experience! It was what she wrote down in her gratitude journal this evening! We have been so blessed by being a part of AMP – and look forward to continuing to be a part of this family!’ 

– Clara, parent of Amber, 13. 



‘From a young age I’ve always wanted to sing and dance, it’s how I was able to communicate my feelings – I live in an area where a lot of people, including some friends my age, get pulled into gangs, start hanging around the wrong people, or lose their lives to hate crime. Dedicating my Saturdays to Vocals and Dance at AMP has taught me lifelong lessons I shall carry forever: organization, teamwork, self-reflection, resilience and much more. Amplified Arts Academy turned a story, my story, from what was on its way to becoming ugly, into something beautiful.’  

– Emma, 17, Student 



‘Sometime in 2017 I became homeless with 2 kids and went to squat with a friend. We came to know about AMP when Michael started misbehaving due to peer pressure. Joining AMP gave my son a new reason to smile, to wake up on a Saturday and ride a 2-hour train to class. He was mentored and he became a mentor to other children in our local community. AMP gave both of my children a new horizon, they became different, confident and outspoken. Michael went ahead to perform monologues representing his school then up to County level! He wrote and directed a play in school with his friends. Now he is a role model just because of AMP.’ 

-Joyce, parent of students Michael (17) and Sophia (10) 



‘A friend of mine kept telling me to get my son Daniel signed up to Amplified Arts Academy but as a single mum I thought I couldn’t afford it – until she explained that there was a bursary that I could apply for to help with costs. AMP exceeded all my expectations.  The youths are always so keen and happy to be at AMP because they made it a happy, fun and creative environment. What I admired most about AMP is how they care about the young people going to AMP and about what goes on in their home life too. When my son or I are going through difficult things, I know I can pick up the phone or send a message and they will help me find a solution. Joining AMP is one of the best things he’s done in his life to-date.  He’s grown into a confident and aspiring young man, reaching for the stars!  

-Diane, parent of Daniel, 17