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Welcome to AMP

Amplified Arts Academy, or AMP for short, is a London-based performing arts academy for young people ages 4-17. Our experienced and dedicated teachers run weekly classes from two locations in Central London.

We offer classes across 4 Streams; Dance, Vocals, Acting and Music. We are passionate about developing & nurturing the next generation of talent in London.

Our mission is to remove the social and economic barriers to first-class artistic education by offering part and fully funded places that make our programmes accessible to all. Learn about our mission and values here.

Fundraising Update

We believe that art has the power to speak truth, shape culture and enrich lives. Our mission is to remove the social and economic barriers to first-class artistic education and provide an inclusive and nurturing environment where students can develop in craft, character and confidence. 

Since 2015 AMP has worked with over 600 young people and provided almost £85,000 of free training. 

Annually, we offer between 30-50 bursaries to students who otherwise would not be able to afford or access the type of programme AMP offers. 

While some AMP students have gone on to further training at the Brit School, Zoonation Youth Dance Company and Arts Ed, others have studied architecture, medicine or engineering at some of the UK’s top universities. We believe that the skills and confidence instilled via AMP serve to equip students to excel in any sphere. 

We want to create spaces for more young people to be empowered through opportunity.  

Our goal is to raise £35,000 to fund an expansion that would provide spaces for 100 young people to join our programme. This would cover equipment, launch, staffing and operations for phase one of an additional AMP location. 


How can I support AMP?

1) Make a one-off donation towards our fundraising campaign. 

2) Become a regular donor – £20 a month (£240/annum) covers a spot for a young person for a year.  


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