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With the global relationships that you formed at College and the network of leaders you shaped around you, your life as a Hillsong College Alumni is bound to make a significant impact in the world. We are well aware that Hillsong College Alumni are pioneering phenomenal ministries, impacting lives and changing nations for the cause of Christ; and as we gather and resource each other, we are simply proving that we are better together.

Here's where some of our incredible 10,000+ graduates are making a difference.

Alumni: Share Your Hillsong College Story

To our beloved alumni, thank you for taking the time to share your story. We care and are excited to hear more in depth what life has looked like for you post-college.
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Truly, what God did in me at College is what continues to sustain me as a person and a ministry leader to this day.

Temree Abajian, Saddleback Church, Alumni 2007