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Christmas is a great time to come together to rejoice as we celebrate Jesus. God’s peace, love and glory was birthed into our world and we pray that you would experience the fullness of these in this season.

We love you and believe for 2024 to be a year full of favour with God and with man.

Merry Christmas and have an amazing New Year!

Much Love,
Richard and Debbie van der Kolk
Lead Pastors Hillsong Church Netherlands

24 December

Save your seat to join the Christmas Celebration Services on Sunday, 24 December! We’d love to celebrate together!

Circa Amsterdam: 10:00, 12:30, 16:00 (at capacity)
Schiecentrale Rotterdam: 11:00
White Cinema Brussels: 10:30 (no registration)

10:00 Amsterdam*12:30 Amsterdam*16:00 Amsterdam*11:00 Rotterdam


Hillsong Kids Programme
Amsterdam: 10:00 & 12:30
Rotterdam: 11:00
Brussels: kids are invited to main service
A parents room is available for all services

Amsterdam: 10:00 Dutch & Spanish, 12:30 Dutch, Ukrainian & Portuguese, 16:00 Dutch
Rotterdam: no translations
Brussels: 10:30 Dutch & French

25 & 26 December

Not sure who to celebrate Christmas yet? On 25 and 26 December (In Brussels only on 25 December), people from within our church will open their homes to you, because it’s way better to celebrate together! Sign-ups have closed on 22 December.

31 December

We are looking forward to spending the last day of the year together. The service times are:
Circa Amsterdam: 11:00
Schiecentrale Rotterdam: 11:00

In Brussels, the connect groups will gather in homes and watch the Amsterdam service together (no service in White Cinema). Sign up if you would like to join one of the celebrations.


7 January

Join us for an Anointing Service on the very first Sunday of 2024 (no need to reserve a seat).
Circa Amsterdam: 10:00 & 12:30
Schiecentrale Rotterdam: 11:00
White Cinema Brussels: 10:30

Christmas Music
Enjoy this great Hillsong Worship playlist for the holiday season!


Table Talk
Download your Christmas Table Talk for the best Christmas dinner convo's!


Last Year's Service
Why not watch last year's Christmas service, to get in the Christmas spirit!


3-24 December

Through Love Thy Neighbour, we want to be a blessing to people in our city this Christmas. Many children live in vulnerable situations because of poverty or safety… let’s brighten up their day. Many women go through a rough time, living in shelters and trying to take care of their families… let’s place value on them. Many people are homeless… let’s meet some of their needs together.

How? In the last few weeks, you brought in gifts, that are now being handed out. It’s not possible to bring in gifts anymore, but you can still donate towards these gifts via the links below. We partner with ACM (HVO), Scharlaken Koord, Bon Sjans, NAS (Rotterdam), Pigment (Brussels) and Tot Heil des Volks.

Donate for AmsterdamDonate for RotterdamDonate for Brussels