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Emotional Health:
Roadmap to Resilience

This coming quarter, we will not offer the emotional health course through our evening college. This is because we will go through a curriculum in our connect groups that also equips us to grow in our emotional and spiritual health. It is based on the book ‘Resilience’ by John Eldredge.  All groups will be going through the content in five gatherings that will start in the last week of January. The groups will gather biweekly.

About the curriculum

The longing for joy is one of the deepest yearnings of the human heart. After times of trial (including the pandemic, economic turmoil, wars and rumours of war, and grief) our desire rises to the surface demanding relief. We’ve had to rally. Yet at some point, we have to replenish our soul’s reserves, or we will burn out.

In this Resilient study series, John Eldredge provides the awareness and skills you need to strengthen your weary soul. Drawing on wisdom from Scripture, Christian tradition, and practical experiences, Resilient offers powerful supernatural graces to sustain you through these trying times as well as prepare you for future storms. Resilient leads you to the peace only God can give and helps you receive from Jesus the strength that prevails.

If you are interested in joining one of our groups, feel free to let us know by clicking on the ‘sign me up’ button below and let us know if you would like to join a Connect Group.   

If you would like to know more or help out, please contact us at [email protected]