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Hillsong Foundation Launch Rotterdam

Oct 8 2023 | Schiecentrale Rotterdam

What happens at the Hillsong Foundation Launch?
We are launching Hillsong Foundation in Rotterdam on Sunday 8 October, giving everyone the opportunity to make a commitment to contribute ahead of time. Filling in a “faith goal” of the amount you have on your heart to give, allows everyone to be intentional about setting aside finances on a monthly or weekly basis to impact the lives of others.

Seminar on 1 October
In preparation of the Foundation Launch,you are invited to join us on 1 October for a talk after the service with Pastor Richard van der Kolk and our General Manager, Arjan Niemeijer. Sign up below to join.

What is the Hillsong Foundation?
There are so many people in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Brussels, who do not know who Jesus is, what their identity and purpose is, who have never been in a Holy Spirit filled atmosphere, who have never been part of a church family. Just imagine what would happen if they found out. Imagine how their lives will change. Isn’t it the greatest privilege to play a part in this? Now also imagine the impact we can have – as a church – on the lives of children on the streets of Mumbai, children in poor rural Ugandan areas, and people being trafficked or enslaved. Alone there is a bit you can do, but together we can change a whole lot!

The Hillsong Foundation exists to outwork the vision and mission of our church. On Heart for the House Sunday, every year in June, we all give towards this in a miracle offering. Our dream to buy our own building is stronger than ever, and with our move into Circa Amsterdam, we feel that we are in the place God called us to. Owning Circa Amsterdam would significantly change our finances and be a big stake in the ground for our mission here in the Netherlands and Brussels.

How to make a faith goal?
You can make a *faith goal during or after our Hillsong Foundation Launch through an online link that will be shared there.

* Your faith goal is a commitment to contribute – a prayerfully considered financial contribution – during our Heart for the House offering in June 2024. We understand that life can take unexpected turns and we would not like Hillsong Foundation to place you in a position of financial hardship. Should your circumstances change and make you unable to fulfil your faith goal, please let us know.