Hillsong Sisterhood

If you are a woman in our church then you are a part of Sisterhood. The Colour Sisterhood is a growing movement of women who are responding to the simple invitation to BE THE CHANGE and make a positive difference in their local and global communities. If making the world a better place resonates with you, you belong within the Sisterhood story. We meet regularly and gather for Sisterhood Mornings, Sisterhood Drinks, Women in Leadership Breakfasts and Sisterhood United nights as well as our annual Colour Conference in London.

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The Sisterhood has always been about championing everyday girls to BE THE CHANGE IN THEIR WORLD. Here you can download a list with ideas of how you can make a difference in your environment.

This study guide is designed with you and your girlfriends in mind… to help you begin to dream and imagine what you can do as a group to make your world a better place.

This resource kit of podcasts, films, TV series and books serves to enlarge our perspective and help us to understand critical issues in our world today.