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Heart for the House 2021

A major part of our Heart for the House offering has always been, and continues to be, the development of our church facilities.

With 38 campuses across Australia and Asia, this year’s Heart for the House offering will help us complete much-needed renovations and upgrades to our existing buildings, and take steps towards procuring permanent venues. In the days to come, we have great faith for our house to bless and impact more men, women and children than ever before.

After years of praying and careful planning, we opened our brand new Macquarie campus building this year! We are already seeing the benefits of having a permanent venue, with many local families and individuals in the area attending church services in our new building.

In Sydney City, we have plans to renovate our much-loved Waterloo campus building foyer to be equipped with new connection spaces. This will help extend our local community outreach opportunities, and better welcome people as they enter our building.

Our growing Newcastle campus is in need of a new venue with more accessible parking, to enable more people to attend our services. We have started the process of looking for a property with an auditorium, plenty of parking space, and facilities to house our kids and youth ministries.

We are also searching for a new facility to house our flourishing Inner West campus. Our team is praying for a venue situated in a more central
location with easily accessible parking, which will allow us to reach more people in the local community, and have more services across the day.

Finally, for our Greater West campus, we are looking to build a church venue on land purchased in Western Sydney. We have great expectation that this building will facilitate opportunities for growth in this burgeoning area of Sydney.

In 2020, after years of searching and planning for a permanent venue, we finalised our purchase of the iconic Festival Hall building to house our
Melbourne City campus. In the coming months, we are hoping to submit a DA to start refurbishing Festival Hall into a multi-purpose venue that is available for public events whilst catering to our growing Melbourne church family with facilities for kids and youth.

In 2020 we purchased a venue in downtown Hobart and are hoping to start fitting this out as our new church home. We are seeing people come to salvation each week across Tasmania through our church services, and are excited for what the future holds for our Launceston and Hobart campuses.

We celebrated a milestone last year with the opening of our new Gold Coast campus facility, following careful planning. Our new venue in the Gold Coast has been a huge blessing to date, positioning our church to reach and impact many people for Christ.

Our Brisbane Central campus is growing, and underwent minor upgrades this year including new carpet and chairs for our growing congregation.

This year, we are planning to launch our Gold Coast South campus, which will help us reach even more people in the south of our city.

In Darwin, our Palmerston and Malak campuses continue to see steady increase, and we hope to see further development of these campuses in the coming years.

In Perth, we are actively looking for a permanent building to house our growing City campus, which will enable us to reach more individuals,
children and families.

Our services in Bali are flourishing, and seeing salvation decisions every week. We are seeking a permanent solution for our second Denpasar
location, to help house our growing congregation.