Slavery is the fastest growing organised crime in the world. There are an estimated 45.8 million people in some form of modern slavery (Global Slavery Index 2016). This includes sex trafficking, bonded or forced labour, domestic servitude, recruitment and use of child soldiers, and forced marriage.

A21 is a not for profit organisation whose vision is freedom for every human being on the planet. Their mission is to abolish slavery everywhere, forever. A21 exists to see people rescued from bondage and completely restored. They’re calling on all of us to be abolitionists of the 21st century.

A21 has 12 offices in 11 countries and their work includes protecting and caring for survivors of trafficking and prevention and awareness work.


A21’s strategy is to reach, rescue and restore.
REACH the vulnerable and disrupt the demand.
RESCUE victims through identification and seek justice against their captors.
RESTORE survivors and equip them to live independently.



Thailand is a source, transit, and destination country for trafficking of children, women, and men. The A21 SAFE Repatriation Program in Thailand works with minors who have been trafficked to Thailand from neighbouring countries to ensure they are repatriated safely and connected to rehabilitation services back home. Trafficking survivors are supported to access legal support and comprehensive services according to their identified needs and reintegrated back into families and communities that will provide ongoing support.