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Preemptive Love Coalition

Emergency Relief Partner

Preemptive Love Coalition is a global movement of peacemakers committed to unmaking violence by confronting fear with acts of love—because they really believe the greatest love is to lay down their lives for others. Preemptive Love provide food, water, shelter, and medical care for families on the front lines of conflict. They go to places that are dangerous, oppressed, or forgotten, bringing hope where no one else will go and loving those who no one else will love. They are first in, last to leave. In addition to providing essential relief for those devastated by war, they provide education for at-risk children and business empowerment grants so people can rebuild their lives. Their work is based on relationship, living alongside the people they serve, building trust across cultural, religious, and ethnic divides. With fifteen years of continued presence in the Middle East, they have built lasting, meaningful relationships, allowing a deep understanding of the needs in each local environment.

We are partnering with Preemptive Love to respond to the needs of displaced families and the task of rebuilding in Syria and Iraq. Preemptive Love have been working in Iraq for almost 10 years and are on the front lines in both Syria and Iraq providing relief to families fleeing war. Preemptive Love are also standing alongside displaced families, empowering them through job and business opportunities to rebuild their lives.

Read more about the Syria Crisis Response here.