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Pray for

Compassion | Empathy | Response | Willingness | Strategy | Capacity | Finances

Pray for people who can literally give their time, strength and energy on the frontlines. 

Pray for their safety and families

Pray that organizations on the ground will find the financial and human support they need.

Pray for the refugees and victims who are so desperately seeking a new life and home. 

Pray that their hearts will not fail

Pray that they can quickly assimilate into new culture and language

Pray the church will rise to her calling and stature in this crisis.

Pray for Governments and local communities to have the wisdom to know how to welcome and accommodate these displaced souls into healthy community.

Pray they will find strength to endure

Pray that their hope will not be disappointed

Pray they will discover that the world is still a magnificent place, that people are kind and compassionate, and that with enough encouragement and help, a way forward is possible.   

Pray that refugees will miraculously overcome their trauma and move on

Pray for those who are still under fire, attack and threat.

Pray that the perpetrators will have a Saul experience – an encounter with Jesus that turns them from rampaging terrorists into … a miracle story.

Pray that any plans of the real enemy (a dark spiritual enemy) are foiled and come to naught – the bible is full of examples and stories where miracles like this happened because people prayed and trusted in the power of God.

Pray many find Jesus in the midst of this exodus and crisis.

Pray this world is changed because she cared.