There are an estimated 17.8 million out-of-school children in India and around 20% of students do not make the transition from primary to secondary education (UNICEF).

Engaging and sustaining children in education has the power to prevent exploitation and create intergenerational change. As a church community we enjoy a longstanding relationship with Vision Rescue and are proud to play a role in seeing their vision realised.

Vision Rescue was founded in 2004 in response to seeing the needs of Mumbai’s street children. Vision Rescue began a non-formal Education Bus Program and expanded their work to include a pre-primary school, mobile dental and medical units, a program supporting those battling addiction, and skills training for income-generation.

Vision Rescue are now implementing a community-based approach in order to identify and respond to the root causes of children being disengaged from the school system. This includes a case management approach for particularly vulnerable children and families. Within local communities, various educational programs are provided, catering to the needs of various children. Medical and dental services and skills training opportunities are also provided, all focused on the primary mission to engage children in education.

Working with families to identify the barriers to children accessing their right to education and supporting families to address those barriers and open up possibilities for children through formal education, has the potential to not only transform individual lives and families but generations.