Watoto was founded in 1994 in response to the confronting statistics regarding orphans and vulnerable children and women in East Africa.

The Watoto Model is designed to provide holistic care to vulnerable children and women and impact communities in the process.

Through WATOTO VILLAGES orphans and vulnerable children are placed in a family environment with a mother and siblings, within a village where they can develop as future leaders.

BABY WATOTO cares for abandoned babies and toddlers aged between 0 and 2, doing everything possible to give them the best start in life.

WATOTO NEIGHBOURHOOD seeks to meet the essential needs of vulnerable women and provide opportunity for them to develop skills for income generation. Neighbourhood projects include functional adult literacy, trauma rehabilitation, business skills training, income generation activities and spiritual and life skills discipleship. It also incudes Keep A Girl In School, an initiative that aims to reduce the primary school dropout rate and increase primary school exam completion among adolescent girls.

Watoto’s SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAMS have been initiated in order to generate income to sustain Watoto’s activities, create a training component for Watoto’s young adults, and to create employment opportunities.


You can support the operations and programs of Watoto.