About Amanda

Originally from the UK, Amanda Fergusson has been part of the team at Hillsong Church for over twenty-five years both as a pastor and as a trainer in Hillsong College. She became a Christian when she was seventeen and has been married for 41 years to Robert who is the teaching pastor at Hillsong Church. They have three married children and seven grandchildren.

Apart from teaching in the college Amanda also speaks at Sisterhood meetings and has spoken at both the Colour and Hillsong conferences in various streams. Over the years, with her husband Robert, she has been involved in marriage seminars; preaching and teaching at various Hillsong campuses locally and globally and checking the theological accuracy of the songs written out of Hillsong church. She is the author of a book on songwriting called ‘Songs of Heaven’. Her passions, apart from Jesus, include her family, writing, music and reading.