About Brad & Karissa

Hailing from the small town of Palmer, Alaska, Brad has spent most of his life in church and working out what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus. At the age of 14 he first became involved in the worship team of his local youth ministry. This began a journey which would, in January 2004, lead him to Hillsong Church in Sydney.

Having graduated from Hillsong College in 2005, Brad returned to Alaska where he married his childhood quasi-sweetheart and spent a short time building the worship ministry of the local church there. Upon returning to Sydney Brad and his wife Karissa became heavily involved in many different facets of church life, including the Creative team. In 2010, Brad and Karissa were asked to make the move north to take on the role of worship pastors at our Brisbane campus. Now with two beautiful Queensland-born girls, Brad is incredibly grateful for family, church, and the team he daily gets to serve with.

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