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About Melodie

For the first three months of her life, Melodie Shaira Annie Mezieres-Wagner remained unnamed, whilst her parents settled on what would prove to be the obvious and perfect choice. Today, Melodie is a standout vocalist on the Young & Free team and a gifted church worship leader and songwriter.

With a multicultural background combining Mauritian, South African and Malawian heritage, Melodie is the eldest of five siblings. She grew up in a strong Christian home – surrounded by music – with parents who toured as part of a reggae and Caribbean soul band in which her mother was one of the dancers and her father a vocalist and drummer.

From a young age, Melodie had a strong sense of peace and hope in Jesus and expressed this in dance – her greatest passion from the ages of 5 to 13. Her first involvement with Hillsong Church was being a part of the Hillsong Performing Arts Academy.

Whilst Melodie also loved singing as a child, she reserved it for the confines of her bedroom and was terrified by the prospect of singing in front of anyone. In sixth grade, her mum convinced her to try out for youth vocals and she was shocked to discover that she got in.

Since then, singing and hanging out with her friends at youth on a Friday has become the highlight of Melodie’s week. Melodie feels especially privileged to have the opportunity to and record songs and tour the world as part of Young & Free.