About Scott & Kety

Scott “Sanga” Samways is a pastor at Hillsong Church, and has seen literally thousands of people come to Christ around the globe. He is an incredible communicator who carries a powerful message. Sanga and his wife Klementina (aka Kety) currently oversee the Hillsong Newcastle Campus, as well as being a part of the platform ministry across Hillsong Church in preaching/teaching. Sanga has been in ministry at Hillsong for 17 years, with 10 years as a youth pastor.

Sanga first started out in youth ministry leading Newcastle Christian Surfers for two years. He then went to bible college at Hillsong Church for two years, during which time he got involved in Wildlife, the senior high school youth ministry of Hillsong. After college, Sanga worked as a Schools Christian Youth Worker (chaplain) in Castle Hill High School for two and half years.

After this Sanga went full time as the Senior High Youth Pastor of Hillsong. With his wife Kety, Sanga oversaw the three age groups of the Hills Campus youth ministry: junior high, senior high and young adults.

Sanga and Kety’s focus is now building the church in Newcastle, leadership development, and the Youth Alive ministry.


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