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Online meetings with Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to use your existing Hillsong account to create online meetings, gathering your team together for live video calls of up to 250 participants. The people that you invite do not need to have a Hillsong account. Anyone, anywhere can attend your meetings.

What follows are basic instructions on how to achieve this. There are many ways to do this, however we will cover the two basic methods here (both have the same outcome). We definitely recommend you try this with a couple of volunteers first so you get a feel for it before inviting everyone!

Scheduling meetings from the Outlook Web App

The simplest way to schedule an online call with many people in it is to simply do it through Outlook. You can do this through the Outlook app on your device, or through Outlook Web App. The instructions are similar whichever way you go. What follows are the Outlook Web App instructions.

1. Login to Outlook at with your Hillsong e-mail and password, or just click the Calendar button if you’re already logged in:

2. Click “New event” to create a new meeting:

3. Click the “Teams meeting” toggle below to turn it on, then enter the title of the meeting. If you do not invite attendees, you can still copy the link later and send it manually to those attending. However, you can also send the details immediately by either typing their names/e-mail addresses into the “Invite attendees” field, or by pasting a list of e-mail addresses (on separate lines, or separated by semicolons). If necessary, set the meeting to Repeat, and click Save.

4. If you chose to invite attendees, they now have the invite and you can skip this step! If you chose not to add attendees directly to the invite, then double-click the new meeting in your calendar to open it, right-click “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” and click “Copy Link Address” or similar, depending on your browser and operating system. You may now paste this into an e-mail, message, etc.

5. You’re done! When it’s time to join the meeting, either click the meeting in your calendar and click “Join Teams Meeting” as per below, or open the Teams app, go to the Calendar screen and join from there. Your attendees can join simply by clicking the link in the e-mail that was sent to them, or in the calendar reminder when it pops up.

Scheduling meetings from the Teams app

The teams app is available on Mac, Windows and mobile devices. You may already have it on your device. Look in Spotlight (Mac), Start Menu (Windows) or your mobile device’s home screen for the Teams app. If you can’t find it, click the link below:

Once you’ve downloaded and signed into it, you can create meetings by following these instructions. The screenshots provided are from an iPhone, however will basically work on every device, with the screens just looking slightly different. Note that if you are inviting many people to your meetings, we recommend the OWA method above (or using your Outlook app).

1. Tap the Calendar icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap the “New” icon in the top right:

2. Enter the meeting title and add your participants to the meeting, then tap Done.

3. The meeting will show up in your calendar. When the meeting time approaches, you can simply tap “Join”. Your attendees can join simply by clicking the link in the e-mail that was sent to them, and joining from their web browser, or optionally they may install the Teams app and the link will open in that instead.

If you have any problems at all, please reach out either to your local IT support person or our Service Desk based in Sydney at [email protected] or via +61 2 8846 4800.