Hillsong Church Fact Sheet

Hillsong Church is a global movement positioned at the intersection of Christianity and culture, founded by Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston.


Brian Houston is the Global Senior Pastor and founder of Hillsong Church. Since founding a single church in 1983 in Sydney, he has launched churches located in some of the world’s most influential cities, three record labels, a film and television platform, multiple worldwide conferences, and an international college. Each week, Hillsong’s music is sung by an estimated 50 million people in 60 languages, and Houston’s sermons are broadcast around the globe. In June 2016, Hillsong launched a global, 24-hour channel in partnership with Trinity Broadcasting Network, providing access to the worship and ministry to millions of viewers around the world. Through Hillsong’s college, conferences, podcasts, broadcasting and publishing, Houston trains and equips tens of thousands of Christian leaders and encourages countless others in their daily faith.

Bobbie Houston co-founded Hillsong Church in Australia with her husband Brian Houston in 1983. She currently serves alongside Brian as Co-Senior Pastor of Hillsong and oversees the organization’s women’s ministries, including Colour Conference and Hillsong Sisterhood. Colour is a global movement for women that places value on womanhood and takes place in five countries each year. Hillsong Sisterhood is a localized gathering, hosted simultaneously at Hillsong locations around the globe, for the women of the church.


Hillsong Church—includes the following programs and related ministries:

  • Church: Headquartered in Sydney, Hillsong has churches in city centers in 19 countries and on five continents. The church has an average global attendance approaching 100,000 weekly.
  • Music:
  • Hillsong Worship: Since 1992, Hillsong Worship has created 24 albums with more than 275 songs. Each week, Hillsong Worship songs are sung by an estimated 50 million people in 60 languages. Hillsong Worship has toured in countries all over the world. Hillsong Worship releases an annual album. Their latest album, Let There be Light, released October 2016. Today, Hillsong Worship is a collaboration of Hillsong worship music coming out of the global expression of Hillsong Church.
  • Hillsong United: Formed in 1998, Hillsong United is led by Brian and Bobbie’s son, Joel Houston. Hillsong United has created 16 albums. Their song “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” from their album Zion reached platinum status in the U.S. The group has toured for many years, packing out large venues like the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. In 2016, Hillsong United was named Top Christian Artist at the Billboard Music Awards. Their latest album, of Dirt and Grace, released July 2016.
  • Young & Free (Y&F): More than a label, Hillsong’s youth music ministry, Young & Free, is the sound of the next generation of Hillsong music. Hillsong Young & Free has created two albums. Their latest album, Youth Revival Acoustic, released in February 2017.
  • Conferences:
  • Hillsong Conference: Since 1986, Hillsong in Australia has hosted its annual conferences where thousands of people gather to hear about church leadership, worship, and community engagement from Hillsong’s key team members and other renowned Christian leaders. In 2017, the conference will take place in Sydney (July 4 – 7), London (August 2 – 4) and New York City (Nov. 2 – 4).
  • Colour Conference: The Colour Conference was started by Bobbie Houston many years ago out of a deep desire place value on women and encourage them to be all that God’s called them to be. Hillsong hosts this annual conference across five countries internationally each year. In 2018, the conference will take place in Sydney (March 15—17, 19—21), Los Angeles (April 27—28), Phoenix (May 1), New York City (May 4—5), Cape Town, South Africa (April 11—12, April 13—14), London (April 19—21) and Kiev, Ukraine (May 11—12).
  • Worship & Creative Conference: A brand new conference for worship leaders, songwriters, artists and designers, production teams, editors, filmmakers, dancers, vocalists, musicians, pastors, writers and creatives across all disciplines to steal away from the ordinary and create space to encounter Jesus. In 2017 this conference will take place in Sydney November 15—17.
  • College: Located in Sydney, Hillsong International Leadership College offers leadership and ministry courses to help shape future leaders around the world. Since its creation in 1995, over 10,000 students, representing more than 65 countries have graduated from the college.
  • Ministry Initiatives: Hillsong embraces opportunities to practically shape the lives of people in communities around the world. In addition to its own community care initiatives, it partners with other ministries to bring hope to many:
  • The A21 Campaign, a nonprofit founded by Nick and Christine Caine, dedicated to abolishing injustice in the 21st century by combatting human trafficking
  • Vision Rescue, a non-profit, registered charity involved in feeding, providing non formal education, medical help, skill training and other kinds of help to addicted and abused street children
  • Hillsong Africa Foundation, a nonprofit organization involving many community programs, including: feeding programs, orphan care, women’s shelters, disaster relief, wheelchair distribution, substance abuse programs, job skills training centers, prison programs and Tembaletu School
  • The Colour Sisterhood, a modern day movement of everyday women placing value on womanhood, who desire to make a difference and make the world a better place for those in need and are dedicated to helping women find an important and critical level of partnership
  • Greenlight (London), a social justice initiative that sees a team of skilled volunteers go onto the streets of London in the evenings in a medical van to offer minimal invasive medical care, and provide advice and signposting service to the homeless
  • iCareRevolution (London), a community youth arm of Hillsong Church London and a movement working to encourage London’s youth
  • The Platt Centre (London), works to eradicate isolation and loneliness amongst the elderly people across the UK, in partnership with RISE
  • CityCare (Australia), a church-based, not-for-profit organization that exists to serve communities by offering pathways to empower and equip those who want to take their next steps in life.


With their flagship campus in Sydney, Hillsong has churches in 19 countries on five continents:

(Read more about Hillsong’s statement of beliefs.)

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