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A Crucial Composition

Composition: /n

The action or art of producing creative work such as a poem or piece of music.
The artistic arrangement of the parts of a picture.

This is one of my favourite words.

The term “composition” could be used to address two things – firstly, the finished piece as a whole, and secondly, the components that make up the piece – the way those components are placed, the positive and negative space, the overall arrangement of what the eye sees as it beholds the work.

Ephesians 2:10 states “For we are God’s masterpiece”, and in the Amplified, “For we are His workmanship [His own masterwork, a work of art]…”

That being said, let’s think of ourselves as an artwork for a moment. I believe that this is one of the biggest wonders of our salvation – the knowledge that we are God’s composition, and the understanding that we’ve been given free will (or artistic license, if you’ll allow me) to change our own arrangements; ultimately, to move the components of our own life’s canvas to choose for ourselves what the focus will be.

Hence, we come to the idea of a Crucial Composition. See, if I were to paint a picture today, one of the first things I’d need to consider is what the composition would be like. What will be more in the foreground, and therefore considered more important, and what will be more in the background, therefore considered less so?

I would arrange the components in such a way that your eye would be drawn to the most vital part of the painting – the crux and purpose of the whole thing. In order for my painting to be effective, my composition is to be absolutely considered as crucial.

Shifting back to us as the artwork – it’s so vital that in order to live our most effective, God-glorifying lives, we take a look at our own composition.

Are we artful in the way we arrange the parts of our lives?

What do all the separate components lead others’ eyes to?

What’s the focus?

Have we mistakenly neglected the right components and made them the minority in our picture?

How much is taken up by negative space?

What should we be putting more emphasis on?

What should be taking up more OR less room in our picture?

Creatives… start with what you have control over – then be disciplined and brave enough to continue to change and enhance your arrangement.

You are a masterpiece – the Word of God says so! Masterpieces take some set-aside, intentional time, and attention to detail – but they always point back to the skill and enhance the credibility of the artist. Perhaps this is one of the greatest tools we have in ultimately glorifying and giving the credit back to the Master Artisan.

Love ya!

Ash Bell