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I love stories. So, let me tell you a quick story. Growing up my mom was relentless with raising us in the ways of God, she still is. Like if there was a show called extreme moms: Christian edition she would be their poster child or mom in this case. I have three other siblings, and every week, we each had a day to host the family devotions. We would have worship Wednesdays, where we had played our favourite worship CD (remember those?). Touching Heaven, changing earth was on repeat especially if you had not prepared anything. Then when we finally got DSTV we could record playlists from one gospel, so if the CD gave in, that would be your back-up plan. And God always showed up in our meetings. In fact, my brother received the gift of tongues in one of our services. 

My favourite story is of a God in heaven, who loved His children so much that He gave His son, Jesus Christ as a living sacrifice to atone for our past, present, and future sins. All the children that believe that this act of love is true, would not struggle or live in strife but live their best lives. Real talk: life gets tough, creativity runs dry, hope is nowhere in sight and life feels like a struggle. But this is where communion comes in. In Luke 22: 19-20 Jesus tells his disciples to drink of the cup and eat the bread in remembrance. 

My mom takes communion for everything. She once told me that she took it asking God to help her hair grow; I told you, EXTREME CHRISTIAN MOM. I laughed, but then she responded and said, “I’ve got to remind myself that my God can do anything!”. And I was like wow. You see, it’s not that she doesn’t know who God is, it’s just that she forgets, and frankly, we all forget at times. I know amongst all the calamity that was and is still going on in our world, I forgot who God is and what He can do. 

What is it about God that you have forgotten? When I take communion, I am reminded that by His stripes I am healed ( Isaiah 53:5), that I have access to the Prince of Peace ( Isaiah 9:6) and that I am always protected ( Exodus 12:13) , I am a champion, that in Him I have everything and through Him, I can do anything. I’ve noticed that when I remember what Jesus did on the cross my hope is restored, my heart is softened, and my eyes are able to see the goodness of God. 

I know we are far from each other right now but if you can, grab a cup of juice and a cracker or a scone and some tea. Whatever you have in your cupboard that will represent the blood and body of Jesus Christ is good enough. I would like to take communion with you.  In Matthew 18:20 Jesus says that where two or three gathers in His Name, He is there. You can play any worship song at this moment, I would recommend ‘So close’, from Touching Heaven, changing earth. Friend be reminded that God is close, He is with you and He is for you. 


Reneilwe Polo