Frequently Asked Questions

1. I can’t find the stream website.
Go to . Scroll down till you see the video player.

2. Which internet browser should I use?

The stream will work on most popular internet browsers but we have had the best experience using the Google Chrome.

3. What internet connection do I need to watch the stream?
A minimum of 1mbps is required for a smooth stream at 360p.

4. Can I watch the stream on my smart TV.
Yes, the stream will play on most smart TV internet browsers. Alternatively you can plug your laptop into your TV for a better viewing experience.

5. The webpage is playing a greeting from Ps Phil or is not loading the video at all.
Refresh / reload the page. If this does not work, check that your internet connection is working and/or try rebooting your device / computer.

6. What do I do if the video keeps pausing/freezing.
This could be due to an unstable internet connection. Try clicking the pause button, waiting for a few mins and then hitting play again.