Every year in September, Hillsong South Africa celebrates a special ‘Heart for the House’ Sunday where the whole church gathers to give towards the vision of our church. We believe we are called to build a church to build a nation. ‘Not equal giving, but equal sacrifice’ is a hallmark phrase that has framed our Heart for the House offering.

Year after year, we have seen sacrificial giving that is breathtaking. What God has accomplished on the earth through the sacrifice of many is nothing short of miraculous.

Our miracle offering will enable us to help build the lives of OTHERS in a much greater way. Your generosity will also help us welcome HOME those who are lost, broken and seeking the love of a Saviour. We invite you to join us in faith and expectation as we endeavour to advance the Kingdom of God in Africa through His church.

A church HOME built on relentless love, unified prayer, extravagant generosity and a heart to see the nation prosper.

Through the faithful generosity of our church over the past 11 years, we have been able to establish 9 locations across South Africa.

Each one of our locations serve as an oasis of hope within their community. A place where everyone is welcomed, loved and accepted. Our giving this year will go towards the continued improvement of our existing locations as well as launching new locations.

In each one of our locations we have plans to enhance the Sunday experience in order that we may better serve our families, communities and cities. We believe there is more God wants us to step into as we keep pursuing opportunities to launch more locations, that we may reach more people with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

In November 2018, we had the opportunity to launch Sunday services in Pollsmoor Prison, situated in Cape Town. What God has done in such a short time is miraculous. We have seen over 2000 people make a decision to follow Jesus.

Our connect services in Kenya and Mauritius are also growing and we are excited for the future as we keep praying and believing for miraculous God opportunities to have greater impact in Africa.

A nation built on shared sacrifice, bold dreams of the future and living for OTHERS.

We’re committed to build church in a way that will help build this nation. This means helping to build the lives of those in our communities.

Our main focus this year will be the establishment of our first Innovation Hub which is launched on the 6th of August, at the Philippi Village in Cape Town. We’re starting with 18 amazing young people, most of whom reside in Gugulethu.

The first phase of their training will be a 12 week program focussed on developing their leadership and identity, the fundamentals of digital marketing and learning soft skills needed to succeed in the business world.

Our Innovation Hub will provide access to opportunities for those in local communities unlocking the potential of the next generation, ultimately connecting them to the local and global digital economy.

Our programs are developed to equip innovators with digital skills through world-class training material in a safe, conducive and encouraging learning environment and to see them become people of influence for the future of their community.

In the Western Cape alone, we are on average impacting 1600 lives per week through our Hillsong Africa Foundation. We’re committed to building on the success of our initiatives established over the past few years. Together we believe we can help build a brighter future for everyone that calls this beautiful country home.

Read more about our Innovation Hubs

We all get to play our part

Prayerfully consider the part you are able to play in our Heart For The House offering. It has always been more about the sacrifice than the giving.

There is such power in writing down a goal and then seeing it fulfilled.

Every significant sacrifice requires a plan. Never underestimate budgeting for generosity. Planning and preparation has been the vehicle enabling us to give more than we thought possible.

You can bring your Heart For The House offering on Sunday 15 September (until the end of September).



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