Hillsong Africa Foundation

South Africa

Hillsong Africa Foundation’s vision is simple and clear: “Building lives that will build the Nation.” As a Hillsong Africa Foundation intern you get to experience the vision up close, and be part of making it a reality. You will learn about all HAF initiatives that are either outworked across local communities or within Hillsong Church locations each Sunday. As an intern you will also get to develop your gifts and skills in at least one HAF program (e.g. Shine, Strength, Sport, Kids Club, Accelerate, Communications), providing you with an opportunity to grow your leadership skills and practise daily disciplines as you build a specific area within the Foundation. As a team we come together each week for training and development sessions, to celebrate, encourage and inspire each other and to build relationships. The Foundation seeks to equip, encourage and uplift those in need, so if you too share a desire to see people’s lives move forward, place value upon everyone, work passionately and with a spirit of excellence, we would love you to be part of the internship!