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South Africa

When Hillsong Church launched in South Africa in 2008, Pastor Phil and Lucinda Dooley knew that they were not just called to build a great Church, but that it would play an active role in helping to build this nation. The Hillsong Africa Foundation (HAF) was born in 2010 out of this desire to respond to the vast array of needs and challenges in our beautiful country.
The Foundation’s vision is simple and clear: “Building lives that will build the Nation.” We believe that each one of us has a role to play in helping to build this nation and this continent. I am convinced that we can see this nation changed, one life at a time, through creating a holistic platform of integrated initiatives that provide the opportunity for everyday people (like you and I) to encourage, assist and connect with people in need.
The heart of Hillsong Africa Foundation is to equip, encourage and uplift those in need. It is not about what we do but about how and why we do it. This can be as practical as mentoring someone who is seeking employment, helping someone to get their eyes tested for new glasses, helping to paint an orphanage during our annual Be The Change Day or coaching a team through our Sports program. Making a difference is a lot more simple than we realise.
We have seen many lives changed in communities we have the privilege of serving in, all by the grace of God and our faithful volunteers.
I love that we get to be a part of a church that truly seeks to uplift people, by meeting them where they are at and committing to do the journey together. We are so privileged that we have been
entrusted with this platform. Every day we have the opportunity to make a difference in our own backyard, ultimately building this nation, one person, one family and one community at a time.
When you see the smiles on young people’s faces during our Lights On Kids Club program, you will understand that you don’t need a degree or unlimited resources to make an impact. I believe that acknowledging people through a simple conversation or a seed of encouragement goes a long way…

We cannot do everything, but we must do something.
Chief Operational Officer
Hillsong Africa Foundation