Disarm Bullying

Be Kind

What is Bullying?

The age old problem.

There are four key types of bullying: physical, verbal, covert and cyber bullying.

The String Movement defines bullying as: “The repeated victimisation, acts of unkindness or isolation of a person by one person or a group of people over a period of time.”

Bullying can have a negative impact on a young person’s physical and mental health causing harm in the form of injury, stress-related illness, depression and other health issues. Bullying often occurs where children and young people play and socialise such as in school playgrounds, and on social networking sites.

How did BULLYING make you feel?

“Bullying made me feel rubbish. It made me ask questions like; is there something wrong with me? Why am I the only one that feels like this? Are these people better than me?”
Justin Miller, Age 17


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