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Hillsong Film & TV "Seasons" BTS

Jan 31 2018

At the Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference 2017 we recorded the song “Seasons” for a YouTube single release.
This is a sneak peek at the camera record and how it was directed live on the night!
(Hot tip: Watch in 4K for ultimate crispness??)


– The broadcast cameras are used for different purposes, e.g.: Big screens in the room, Hillsong Channel, online streaming, live effect treatment on screen, etc.
Here’s what the broadcast camera setup looked like: 1: Handheld roaming, 2: Ped, 3: Tripod, 4: Remote operated track, 5: Ped, 6: Crane, 7: Dolly, 8: Ped.

– The record cameras were: 1: Ped, 2: Dolly, 3: Tripod, 4: Remote operated track, 5: Tripod, 6: Crane, 7: Handheld, 8: Handheld, 9: Handheld, 10: Handheld (Crowd), 11: Handheld (Wide), 12: Point-of-view (drums), 13: Point-of-view (keys).

You’ll notice that some shots are different in the final result,
as they have been brought in from a different take of the song.


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