What is Domestic and Family Violence (DFV)?

Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) is a pattern of abusive behaviour in an intimate relationship or other type of family relationship, past or present, where one person assumes a position of power over another and causes fear.

These can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial and sexual abuse.

As a community we need to become more alert and aware of the signs of violence around us.  

Hillsong’s Response to Domestic and Family Violence

At Hillsong, we believe every person is worthy of respect and has the right to be safe and live free from coercive control and violence.

The three key ways in which we respond to DFV are:

Raise Awareness: ensure our church and the communities we are involved with are informed, sensitive and understanding of this issue.

Support: engage, take action and practically support those impacted by DFV.

Equip: ensure our pastors, staff and volunteers are trained and resourced to provide informed, sensitive, and effective responses to individuals and families impacted by DFV.

Raise Awareness

  • In 2016, our Men’s Event gathered well over 5,000 men. As part of this night, we raised awareness of the issue of Domestic and Family Violence in Australia, and the men who attended generously donated over $37,000 to CityCare’s Homes of Peace program.
  • There was opportunity to raise awareness of DFV at our local sisterhood gatherings where we and also partnered with local Women’s DFV support services for our ‘local impact’ day


Excerpt from Hillsong Church Australia 2016 Annual Report. Click here to view full report.


  • Within our Pastoral Care team, we have continued to support individuals and families impacted by DFV, with pastoral and practical support.
  • DFV Transitional Support Program


  • Over 205 of our staff and volunteers participated in our Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) Recognise and Respond Training facilitated by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Rebecca Loundar
  • Some of our Pastoral Staff participated in further specialised DFV training to continue being equipped with up to date approaches in dealing with DFV.

Homes of Peace

Hillsong CityCare’s Homes of Peace is a domestic and family violence transitional support program that provides housing and individualised case management support to assist people during the transitional stage after experiencing domestic and family violence. The aim of the program is to ensure families leaving domestic violence are supported to re-establish their lives and help set them up for a successful future. 

Homes of Peace partners with many community organisations and domestic violence refuges to provide the best holistic care to families.  All referrals into Homes of Peace are received through domestic violence refuges.  Homes of Peace provide case management support to the families for the duration of their program involvement.  The duration of their stay within the housing is usually between 3-6 months.  As permanent housing is difficult to attain, this time is determined on an individual basis.  After a family has exited from Homes of Peace, three months aftercare support is provided.





What the numbers say in Australia about DFV

  • In Australia, both women and men experience substantial levels of violence
  • 1 in 6 women experienced physical or sexual violence
  • 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men experienced emotional abuse

    (source: 2012 ABS Personal Safety Survey)

Creating awareness and support for DFV

  • Bullying and controlling behaviour and violence on any person is NEVER acceptable.
  • We believe every person is valuable, worthy of respect and has the right to be and feel safe.
  • Please do not ignore this issue if you become aware of it because of fear of not knowing how to respond effectively. We encourage you to seek professional intervention.
  • DFV is everyone’s business and we should all take personal responsibility.

How do I help someone affected by DFV or seek help if I am struggling with these behaviours?

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger call 000 or if you are in need of immediate support contact 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732.

Below are list of support services that you can access externally if you know someone or are being impacted personally by DFV. There is always hope and people can change if they take the right measures to seek help.



For any person in immediate danger, or in an emergency call 000
For international support services, please look up services in your country




1800 333 000


1800 810 784