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Mothering a Movement

“Mothering a Movement” – a phrase that a friend and I began using when we felt the need to impart wisdom to anyone younger than us.    Although we used this phrase lightly, it became a weighty revelation that we have been stewarding ever since.

We first got a hold of this phrase when we watched a prophetic word video during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown season. This phrase was not directly related to our own individual seasons; it rather summed up something that we had noticed yet subtly ignored in the hopes that God would ask someone else.

We found ourselves in daily conversations with those younger than us. Side note: both of us are in our early thirties, so those younger than us would be in their late teens or early twenties!  We found ourselves giving advice, imparting wisdom and becoming a safe place for these younger people. At some point, we even started initiating these conversations; checking in on ‘our kids’.

During the 2020 lockdown season, I found myself navigating difficult phone calls from ‘our kids’, asking tough questions that I did not have the answers to yet mindful that my response carried weight with them. Suddenly I was thrust into needing to be the voice of reason and hope while I, myself, was fighting to keep a godly perspective during a very traumatic and confusing season. This responsibility caused me many sleepless nights. I was uncertain if I wanted the responsibility of journeying this particular season with them. My friend then shared this prophetic word with me; as I watched it and the concept “Mothering a Movement” was introduced, I found myself weeping. I wept in repentance because I had been trying to run away from this responsibility.  I wept because, again, God confirmed the importance of legacy to me: how am I living my life now that will benefit the next generation?

With this newfound God revelation in this area of my life, I am now determined to live a life that is all about creating a different future for ‘our kids’.  A life of intentional service that chooses their future over my present comfort. I don’t have natural children yet; however, I can create a future for those God has already entrusted to me. As I am outworking being a ‘spiritual mom’ to others, I am convinced that my own children will also be a part of a generation who will reap the fruit of the seed I am sowing today. In His Word in Proverbs 13:22 (NIV), God promises that “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children”.

If you are in a waiting season for your own children, or perhaps your children are already grown up, I would love to encourage you to be a part of “Mothering a Movement”. The next generation yearns for what you know. You would be surprised at the eyes that are already watching you, yearning for you to come alongside them with your wisdom, courage, strength and life experience. Even if you feel like you do not have anything of value to give, I assure you, your individual story and contribution matter.  Your words, your story and your encouragement could help steer a younger person toward their God-given call.

I get excited when I think about the possibilities of our collective mothering. We get to partner with God to build onto the foundation set up for us by mothers from the past. We get to build another layer that will set up the next generation to expand the Kingdom of God. Imagine watching a movement of young people growing in godliness, pursuing the purposes of God and ushering others into the Kingdom?  I definitely would love to be among the elders cheering them on! Just like I was propelled into obedience, I pray that you are encouraged: encouraged to take your place as a Deborah who called a nation out of spiritual complacency; inspired to be an Esther who was willing to sacrifice her life for her nation; or perhaps encouraged to be a Miriam who devoted her life to raising Moses.