The heart of Hillsong Church is to see every child follow Jesus for the rest of their lives and as parents, carers or leaders we know that is your heart as well.

So this page is for you! We have designed five sessions to take your child through a short discipleship process to see them grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Step 1: Watch the video.
Step 2: Ask the questions and finish with a prayer!
It’s that simple.

Salvation Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus

… I ask You into my life. Forgive me of all the things I have done wrong.

I believe You are the Son of God and that You died on the cross for my sins. Help me to love You and live for You everyday. Because of You Jesus, today I am a Christian.


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16 NIV

The Good news of Jesus explained in colours


Black represents the wrong-doing or the things God does not want us to be doing. Wrong-doing, sin, seperates us from God. Romans 3:23


Red represents the blood of Jesus who died on the cross and rose again, taking the punishment for our wrong-doing, or sin, in our lives. Romans 5:8, John 3:16


When someone becomes a Christian through accepting Jesus into their life, their wrong-doings or sins are washed away and they are clean before God. Romans 10:9, 1 John 1:9


Green is the colour of plants that grow. The green colour reminds us that we should grow as a Christian. We can read the Bible, go to Church and we can pray. 2 Peter 1:2


Yellow is the colour of gold. Gold is very precious and speaks of an awesome place prepared for Christians called Heaven. We get to have eternal life in Heaven, where God has prepared a place for us. John 14:2, Romans 6:23

God loves spending time with you!

Here’s a great way for you to spend a few moments with Him each day.

1. READ a passage from the Bible.

2. ASK God to teach you something as you read.

3. PRAISE God – tell Him how much you love Him.

4. TELL God that you’re sorry for the things you’ve done, that He doesn’t want you to be doing.

5. ASK God for everything you need.

6. PRAY for others and their needs.

7. THANK God for answering your prayers, speaking to you and doing good things in your life.