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This page is hopefully your one stop shop to all things Youth. Whether it’s the big big conferences, to the incredible volunteer youth leaders – we hope you can find what you’re looking for here!

Dan & Jo Watson

Dan & Jo Watson

Dan and Jo are our Youth and Young Adult pastors of Hillsong Church UK. They lead our age group communities and set the vision for how our young people can positively shape their society.

They have a genuine heart for the young people of the UK. They come from a background of building a business in the education realm, employing young people who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to fufill their potential.

Jo is a qualified Social Worker and leads and develops the feminine heart of Youth leadership team with practical steps to empower the next generation.

Dan is a exciting communicator of the gospel and has a heart of people to genuinely connect with their creator and see them fulfil their God given potential. He loves to encourage young people despite the labels that are put on them and help them see their circumstance as an opportunity to show God’s greatness rather than an obstacle to living their best life.

Together, they create a space where young people are able to be themselves and find hope in any situation or circumstance with a variety of avenues to express and explore their potential. Such as through performing arts, leadership communities all the way to the political world - all so they can positively impact society.

What is youth?

We've broken it down into three key areas:

Healthy Environment

Crews – meet every week in a small group all around our locations.

Sundays – weekly gathering

Team – be involved in the behind the scenes of our youth and young adult ministry

Conferences & Retreats – take a few days away to encounter God like never before

Positive Role Models

Youth Leaders – trained and equipped to support the next generation of young people

Team leaders – encouraging the next gen in a specific skillset

Guest Speakers – world renown speakers that inspire and point young people to Jesus

Mentor – people from all spheres of life investing into young people one on one.

Opportunity Provided

The Academy – one year gap year that can change your life

Young Guns – 17years olds with a heart for leadership

Amplified Arts Academy – Giving privileged opportunity to the unprivileged in the arts & entertainment world

Youth Teams – gain skills that will help you in the future

Sponsorships – fiancially contribute into a young persons life

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