The Sisterhood are every day women in our church, finding their place and purpose, responding to a simple invitation to Be The Change and make a positive difference in their local communities.

Angel Tree

Purchase a personalised gift for a vulnerable child or adult in the community this Christmas through our Angel Tree Initiative.

What We Are A Part Of

Sisterhood Groups

Sisterhood Groups

Joining a Sisterhood group is a great way to meet likeminded girls in church and build a strong community.

Be The Change

Be The Change

Impacting our community through simple acts of kindness.

Miss Sisterhood

Miss Sisterhood

Miss Sisterhood is every young girl in our church.  

Colour Conference

Colour Conference

More than just a women's conference...

Sisterhood Fight Club

At Colour Conference 2016 the Sisterhood Fight Club was launched, which is a way the global sisterhood can combine strength and focus around prayer! Globally, we have all been praying each month for a different region of our world that is suffering. Through the prayer maps we received earlier this year, each month we have been scratching off a different region together.

Join us by setting your alarm everyday at 12pm as we collectively pray that justice, intervention & help will be the portion of those suffering.


Click below to find out more and keep up to date with the Sisterhood Fight Club.

500 Project Giving

Over the past year, girls across Sisterhood have been supporting our global initiatives by collecting change in our 500 Project tins.

Now that we’ve filled up those tins, here’s what to do next with the funds we’ve collected:

  1. Open your 500 Project Tin at home and count the money you have collected
  2. Once you have your total, deposit those funds into your bank account, then use the button below to send those funds to the Sisterhood 500 Project
  3. If counting coins isn’t for you, you can also bring your 500 Project Tin to your campus on Sunday and place in the offering container, making sure it’s clearly marked 500 Project.

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