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This Sunday we’ll be meeting at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

We look forward to welcoming you, your family & friends this weekend!


Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Jennens Road, Birmingham, UK


Having dinner together weekly

Groups are a great place to meet people and make friends. Our groups get together to have dinner weekly. They take place in various forms and usually meet in homes, coffee shops or restaurants. Groups are a way for you to find a place where you belong, connect and share life with others.

For more information and to find a group near you – click the link below

Birmingham Team

James & Steph Murphy

James & Steph Murphy

Location Pastors
James was born in England but spent 10 years leading and pastoring with Hillsong Sydney, before returning to the UK in 2017 to lead Hillsong Birmingham. Steph was born in South Africa but lived most of her life in Australia, growing up at Hillsong Church and pastoring Kids and Families.

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