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“Heart for the House” is an annual offering that goes beyond our regular giving. Just as God has a deep love for His House, as believers, we are called to share in His passion for the Church’s mission and purpose. “Heart for the House” presents an opportunity for our Church to take significant strides forward in helping more people encounter the presence of God through various initiatives under the umbrella of the Hillsong Foundation UK.

It’s truly remarkable to witness what God has achieved through Hillsong UK over the years. There is much to celebrate, yet there remains much work to be done in our ever-challenging world.
Each year, our giving will be directed toward three specific areas: National Initiatives, Local Initiatives, and Social Impact Initiatives.

We firmly believe that when we unite our efforts, we can achieve far more than we can individually. As we join together in this act of sacrificial giving, we pray to witness an immediate and profound impact on those within our Church and beyond our congregation, building a lasting legacy for future generations.

Local Initiatives


These initiatives are an opportunity to meet specific needs across all of our Hillsong UK locations. Each location will focus on either “Generations” or “Welcome Home.” This targeted approach allows us to invest directly into the life of our locations and continue to see them move forward.



National Initiative


We can achieve more together through the collective effort of our entire Church. Currently, our National Initiative supports the ongoing renovation and upgrades of the Golders Green Hippodrome in North London. This venue holds immense potential for personal transformation and community outreach. It also offers revenue-generating possibilities, which will support our generational strategy of securing permanent facilities across all our locations.

Social Impact Initiatives


Our aim is to create a meaningful impact on society through Local Social Impact Initiatives and Global Partnerships. This year, we will continue supporting our UK Social Impact Initiatives, such as Refugee Response, Green Light, AMP, Love Your Neighbour, and Community Grocers. Additionally, we will support our longstanding global partnerships. These initiatives and partnerships collectively generate a significant and sustainable social impact.

This year, our local initiatives will focus on two vital aspects of church life: “Welcome Home” and “Generations.”

Welcome Home


We are deeply committed to creating spaces that embody a “Welcome Home” where individuals discover belonging, a relationship with Jesus, community, and purpose. Every moment, from forging friendships in the foyer to experiencing salvation during our services, is profoundly significant. By investing in specific resources and equipment, we aim to empower each location to create environments where people can encounter God and make meaningful connections with others.



We firmly believe that God is a generational God, continually working from one generation to the next. Our Church is dedicated to paving the path for people of all ages to connect with Jesus and nurture their relationship with Him. We aspire to create spaces that foster personal transformation and community engagement, equipping individuals and sparking inspiration among both the present and future generations.

The Hippodrome

In January 2022, we acquired The Hippodrome, a historic London landmark, which has since transformed into our vibrant and welcoming community hub. The Hippodrome now serves as the central location for our North London community, hosting our Sunday services, which have expanded to two services since our move. It has also facilitated baptism services, Team Nights, Sisterhood United, Young Adults and Youth gatherings amongst many other events.

Additionally, this versatile space has allowed us to expand our Amplified Arts Academy, introducing a second site at The Hippodrome. This initiative empowers local youth to explore their artistic talents, creating opportunities that amplify their potential.

As part of our National Initiative, our next project involves renovating the bathrooms and opening up the foyers to be a larger space. This renovation will enhance our impact as a church in North London and transform the Hippodrome into a revenue source that supports our Church’s outreach.

The possibilities for The Hippodrome’s contribution to our Church and the community are vast. We have only begun to tap into this potential and eagerly anticipate what the future holds.

Local Social Impact

Breaking social and economic barriers for youth, delivering exceptional artistic education, and empowering young talent with opportunities for growth and success. 

Offering discounted products, including food and toiletries, sourced from supermarket chains, making them accessible to low-income individuals and families in need. 

Empowering unhoused individuals to rebuild lives, regain trust, and become integral to a healthy community, fostering resilience and inclusion through support programs and opportunities. 

Initiating social action projects addressing local needs, demonstrating love through tangible assistance to vulnerable members of our community. 

Resettling refugee families in the UK, offering support and empowerment to asylum-seekers, creating pathways to self-reliance and integration.

Global Partners

Providing vital resources such as food, education, medical aid, skills training, and holistic assistance to children and families residing in India's slums. 

To read more about the impact of our community’s generosity, take a look at our Annual Report.



Contribute online in under a minute by using your mobile number or email. It’s a fast and secure method to manage your giving conveniently.

Mobile App


Download the “Hillsong Give” App for iPhone or Android devices. Choose your location and select the specific initiative you wish to support.

Standing Order
or Bank Transfer

Establish a standing order or make a bank transfer with your bank using our provided banking details.

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What’s my Giving ID?

Sunday Service


You can also give in person using cash cheque, or contactless payment methods at any of our services. Offering envelopes are available in the foyers for your convenience.

Gift Aid is a valuable initiative of the UK Government, allowing charities to receive an additional 25p for every £1 donated by UK taxpayers. This boost is achieved by reclaiming the basic rate of tax already paid on your donation. When you make a Gift Aid Declaration, the total value of your donation can increase, and it won’t incur any extra cost to you.

How to Claim Gift Aid

When you make a donation online or via our Giving App, we’ll guide you through the process of registering and claiming Gift Aid. For those who prefer giving through a standing order or bank transfer, we have provided an online declaration form, which can be accessed below.

Your Unique Giving ID

If you choose to contribute via bank transfer or by using an envelope during one of our weekend services, we’ll request that you create your personal 7-character Giving ID. You can craft this unique identifier using your initials, birthdate, or any combination of characters that suits you.

Hillsong Foundation UK

The Hillsong Foundation UK’s purpose is to enable and finance the Church’s mission. Our aim is to establish the Church in cities across the nation, offering a “Welcoming Home” for everyone to encounter God while actively embodying the teachings of Jesus, both locally and globally. We achieve this through our National Initiatives, Local Initiatives, and Social Impact Initiatives, collaborating with like-minded non-profit organisations in the UK and worldwide to bring awareness and aid to the vulnerable. 

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