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Greenlight is a team of people who choose to step into the place where Jesus stood.

Homelessness Overview

According to the UK government’s official data for 2023, the number of people estimated to be sleeping rough on a single night is 3,898 (over 1,100 in London).
People who sleep rough experience some of the most severe health inequalities and report much poorer health than the general population. Many have co-occurring mental ill health and substance misuse needs,
physical health needs, and have experienced significant trauma in their lives and are more likely to die young than the general population.’

Our Mission

We exist to provide minimally-invasive medical care and pastoral support for the rough sleepers on the streets of London. Through the relationships that are built our intention is to assist the homeless to access existing services; both medical & social – empowering them to leave their life on the streets and break free from the trap of homelessness.

Our Services

We provide basic medical assessment, this includes things like; the checking of heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar levels etc.

We also provide a signposting service so that anyone who we make contact with can be given information on support agencies that could be of benefit to them moving forward in their present situation.


If you would like to get in contact with a member of the team, please use the information below:

Email:[email protected]

Instagram: @hillsonguksocialimpact

Hillsong Foundation UK

The Hillsong Foundation UK’s purpose is to enable and finance the Church’s mission. Our aim is to establish the Church in cities across the nation, offering a “Welcoming Home” for everyone to encounter God while actively embodying the teachings of Jesus, both locally and globally. We achieve this through our National Initiatives, Local Initiatives, and Social Impact Initiatives, collaborating with like-minded non-profit organisations in the UK and worldwide to bring awareness and aid to the vulnerable. 

Hillsong Logo


35 Little Russell Street
London WC1A 2HH

+44 (0) 207 384 9200
[email protected]

Fundraising Regulator Logo

Hillsong Church UK is registered with the UK Fundraising Regulator
Charity Number 1120355