Because We Can | Hillsong


‘Because We Can’ is a phrase that we use at Hillsong Church to answer the question of why we help those in need. For us, the answer is no more complicated than ‘because we can.’ As a church, we have embraced opportunities to see the Gospel of Jesus outworked practically, ‘because we can’, with initiatives that include: the Hillsong Africa Foundation; the Colour Sisterhood; and Hillsong CityCare.


Developing sustainable projects and providing assistance in disaster situations, many of our projects are in partnership with existing organisations that are already making an incredible difference. When we combine our strength and resource to their expertise and influence, we can have a greater impact.


There is power in collective and intentional action when people are united in love and a just cause. The ‘we’ in the statement ‘Because We Can’ is deliberately inclusive, and tells a story of cohesion where individuals choose to give their strength to a cause that is bigger than themselves.

‘Because We Can’ realises that change is within our reach. Together, it is possible. We can, and are, making a difference.

"Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth"

1 John 3:18

Join us in making a difference

Your involvement can bring light into darkness, peace to conflict & hope to the hopeless by simply gathering together and contributing to a ‘collective strategy’. It may or may not be a huge amount to you, but to countless others less fortunate, it can dramatically change their current and future existence.


Help Make A Difference